The following are some basic guidelines for using the department library. Hours of library openings will be posted on the notice board at the entrance of the library.

  • Students of the University of Tokyo may request library items, provided they do so in person at the library counter. Items available for loan may be taken out of the library and are to be returned within a specific period of time.
  • Academic staff of the University of Tokyo may request items either in person at the library counter, via the telephone, or through the libraries of other departments which they are affiliated with. They may also return loaned items via the campus mail system.
  • Researchers who were previously employed as academic staff at the University of Tokyo; alumni of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and alumni of the College of Arts and Sciences may request items, provided they do so in person at the library counter. They are to produce some form of identification (i.e. driver’s license) upon making a loan.
  • Researchers of other universities or research institutes may also request items from our library, via the information system of the Komaba library. The collection and returning of these items may be done at the Komaba library.
  • All others may request items from the department library through a public library.

The maximum number of items that may be loaned simultaneously is 3, and all loaned items must be returned within 2 weeks. (A further 2 weeks extension may be arranged upon the expiry of the first due date, provided that no one else has requested the items). Normally, requested items become available for loan within a week, though some items may take shorter or longer.


All Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral theses submitted to the Department of Social and International Relations (College of Arts and Sciences) and the Department of Advanced Social and International Studies (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) may be accessed at the department library. Please produce some form of personal identification when requesting these items.


Special collections (Katakura, Kumamoto, Izumiyama, Odaka) are not available for loan, and may only be viewed and copied at our library. Please bring along a digital camera with you if you wish to make copies of these resources, as you will not be permitted to photocopy them. Please call (03-5454-6495)in advance, should you wish to view or copy these items.