About “Studies on International Relations”

“Studies on International Relations” is an academic journal with peer reviews. It is published under the auspices of the Association of International Relations Studies. The papers published in this journal deal with a wide range of topics, such as international politics; international law; the international economy; and the history of international society. While papers are subject to stringent peer review prior to publication, the requirement pertaining to the word count limit of papers is relatively lenient, thus enabling the journal to serve as a valuable platform for researchers and students to publish their works.

Past Issues (Open Access) are available here(UTokyo Repository).

Latest Issue: Volume 36(March, 2022)

  • The International Labour Organization, the International Trade Unions Movement, and the Christian Socialist Movement from the Sino-Japanese War to the Second World War: An International Cooperation in Support of “Raising Standards of Living” as the Allied War Aim (Hajime Onozaka)


Call for Papers!

The Association of International Relations Studies is calling for the submission of papers. In order to qualify, papers should meet the criteria listed below (Please click here for further details).

  • The author of the paper should be a member of the Association of International Relations Studies.
  • Papers submitted to the Association will be subject to the evaluation and editing of the Association’s editorial committee. Peer reviews will be conducted anonymously, and by several members including outside reviewers.
  • The author will be notified about the result of evaluation within 2 months. It is possible that the author may be requested to revise and re-submit his/her paper in the process.
  • The paper submitted should be about 100 pages in length, each page containing about 400 words (in the case of Japanese). The medium of language should be in principle Japanese or English.
  • Please submit your paper to “The Association of International Relations Studies Editorial Committee”, Department of Advanced Social and International Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, 3-8-1 Komaba Meguro ku Tokyo 153-8902.